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    4-20mA PLC Thermistor temperature measurement      
    4-20mA PLC PT100 RTD temperature measurement      
    Excel Thermistor temperature measurement solution      
    Wireless Sensor Transmitter      
    Wireless 4-20mA Transmitter      
    Wireless Temperature Transmitter      
  4-20mA Transmitters 4-20mA transmitters are used where weak sensor signals need to be connected long distances to a PLC or PC data acquisition or control system.      
4-20mA NTC Thermistor Temperature Transmitter
4-20mA RTD Temperature Transmitter
4-20mA Potentiometer Transmitter
USB Signal Conditioning USB analog to digital converters are used where an Windows PC is available to measure analog sensor signals such as voltage, current, and resistance. Used to create sensor data acquisition system.
    4-20mA USB Signal Conditioner      
    10K NTC Thermistor USB Signal Conditioner      
    0-5Vdc Voltage USB Signal Conditioner      
  Wireless Sensor Transmitters 2.4GHz wireless sensor transmitters can be part of a simple to use wireless remote sensor monitoring system.      
    4-20mA 2.4GHz wireless sensor transmitter      
    10K NTC 2.4GHz wireless thermistor temperature sensor transmitter      
  Isolation Amplifiers used where analog signal noise suppression, ground loop elimination, or high voltage potential separation is needed.      
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