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Robert Owen Inc USB data acquisition hardware is compatible with Microsoft Excel. Use your USB port to measure Thermistors | voltage | 4-20mA sensors & link them with your existing Spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel Compatible USB ADC

    ROI-USB Windows PC compatible Data Acquisition System, hardware & software packages. Use your PC USB port to measure Thermistor, DC Voltage, & 4-20mA signals. Record temperature and sensor data directly with a Windows PC!      
    The ROI-USB is offered as a combined package with ROI-SOFT. Using ROI-USB A-D with ROI-Soft is very simple, it displays and records. The ROI-SOFT general purpose¬†display and recording software is included with ROI-USB A-D's.      
    Thermistor, 20mA, 5V, & 10V to USB Measurement Systems Bundled With ROI-SOFT      
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