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ROI-ISOV10 isolation amplifiers

Robert Owen produces instruments and instrumentation, for sensor signal conditioning and trend recording. Analog USB adapters, or USB A-D's; can measure voltage, current, and resistance; when the right signal conditioning is used. Recording instruments, such as the ROI-USB A-D, can be used to monitor a range of sensors and signals; to read: temperature sensors such as the RTD and the Thermistor, position and level sensors such as potentiometers, or high voltage through voltage isolators; by reading, current transmitter or isolation amplifier, signal conditioners
ROI-ISOV General Purpose Isolation Amplifiers. 10V bipolar +/-15V powered 2 way isolation amplifier. A-D input voltage protection and ground loop elimination.

General purpose 10V bipolar +/-15V powered 2 way isolation amplifier

Voltage isolation amplifiers used where analog signal noise suppression, ground loop elimination, or high voltage potential separation is needed.

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