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4-20mA loop transmitters simple wiring advantage


Loop wiring consists of a 2 wire connection. With the installation of a standard 2 wire cable, installation can be very simple. With location of the transmitter power supply next to the measurement system; the installation of a jumper between supply - and measurement system -; all that is required is a connection from the transmitter + to the power supply +, and a connection from the transmitter - to measurement channel, to complete a loop transmitter signal connection.

This is key as other methods of signal conditioning may require, a 3 wire or 4 wire connection between the conditioner and measurement system, depending on the type of conditioner.

Why is this important? In addition to the complexity being decreased, the cost of the cable decreases as well.

The ROI-XMA is an improved way to read sensors. Multiple sensor types. Multiple signal ranges. High linearity. High precision. Fast response. Long transmission distances. True analog signal conditioning, not microprocessor based A-D conversion.

The ROI-USB combined with the ROI-ISOV is an improved way to isolate your reading of high voltage. Input to output (2-way) 1.5Kv isolation. Fast response. True analog signal conditioning.

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