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Thermistor measurement instruments

For the temperature measurement application, where low temperatures within the range of 32-120 Deg F (0 - 50 Deg C) are the subject of concern; wide temperature range measurement systems, just don't seem the best fit. 

When you need to measure 120 Deg maximum, using a 2200 Deg  thermocouple is 20 times the ideal span. Why would you use a thermocouple for concrete cure temperature measurement when a Thermistor is closer to the range? Why would you use a thermocouple to measure greenhouse environmental temperature when a Thermistor is closer to the range?

This is where the thermistors and instrumentation designed to read thermistors fit the need. Robert Owen designs and manufactures Thermistor measurement instruments to fill that need.

Using the ROI-USB-Thermistor and Excel, you can have a high precision real time status of your concrete cure or greenhouse environment.

ROI-USB and Excel allow real time thermometer style PC display of thermistor temperature data.

The display updates in a easily noted quick read format, in a way that gives a instant view of the current status. 

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