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Excel Temperature Measurement Application


There are generally speaking, a number of ways to collect temperature data with a PC.  Use hard coded preconfigured software provided with a data collection system (not flexible, but very low labor), use custom configurable software ( moderately flexible, low labor), or use a software development environment to write custom software (extremely flexible, high labor).

For the nonprogrammer, the most difficult method is use a software development environment to write custom software. Without the knowledge of computer software development, this may make the task difficult to complete in a realistic period of time.

The simplest method is to use a device, with the preconfigured software, written specifically for the measurement device. It allows a user to setup a system and start taking data is as short a period as possible. It may or may not do exactly what you want, with no ability to customize it, but it's simple.

As an alternate method; temperature measurement real time using Excel, allows the nonprogrammer a way to configure a custom temperature data collection application. The use of Excel, a commonly used spreadsheet program, allows a user with business software experience to setup a data collection, and display application; taking advantage of the macros and charting tools available within Excel. While this is not the simplest method, it allows a greater flexibility than preconfigured software, and a greater simplicity than using a software development environment.

With ROI-USB & Excel; create a real time, thermistor strip chart on the PC screen.

The connection to Excel is made simple in part by using an add in to Excel such as ROI-XL. It allows a simple connection to Excel. Used with devices, such as the ROI-USB or the ROI-RFX, that is designed to read temperature; it allows a user to setup a system and start taking data is as short a period as possible, with the benefit of customizing it when needed.

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