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Wireless sensor networks using the Robert Owen wireless 4-20mA transmitter monitoring system

    The Robert Owen wireless 4-20mA transmitter monitoring system allows a standard Windows PC to perform remote monitoring of wireless sensor networks distributed over distances of up to 1 mile from the PC.      
    The ROI-RFX-MA is the basic component that is used to make up the wireless sensor network. Any ROI-RFX-MA may be used as either the network master or a slave unit. A master may communicate with up to 7 slaves. Each slave wireless monitoring module may monitor up to 4, 4-20mA sensor transmitters. This could allow up to 28 sensor transmitters to be monitored by a single network.      
    Wireless 4-20mA Temperature Transmitter Monitoring System      
    The wireless sensor network can be built up using industry standard 4-20mA transmitters. Remote sensor measurement or process trend recording is simple; data can be updated real time directly into Excel. Total transmission distance can be extended between the master and any slave unit with data being repeated by additional units in the network. When more than 2 units are used; with a properly planned network layout, total distance can exceed a mile, as long as any 2 units have a good line of site view without obstructions      
The 4-20mA transmitters used in the wireless sensor network may be any of a variety of sensor transmitter types. The sensor transmitters may be used with temperature sensors such as: industry standard PT100 RTD, PT1000 RTD, 2252 Ohm NTC Thermistor, or the 10K NTC thermistor. The sensors may be potentiometer transmitters using sensors such as: industry standard 1K Potentiometers or 10K potentiometers. Other transmitters may be: pressure transducers, flow meters, moisture meters, humidity transmitters, etc. A mixture of any of these types of transmitters or transducers of different types may be used together, as part of the same combined system.
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