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PT100 PT1000 RTD
4-20mA temperature transmitters 210USD



Use spare PLC 4-20mA inputs for temperature measurement, with ROI-XMA RTD transmitters. ROI-XMA RTD transmitters allow the simple measurement of industry standard series 100 ohm PT100 or 1K ohm PT1000 RTD temperature sensors. Existing RTD temperature sensors can be connected to modern control systems. ROI-XMA RTD 4-20mA transmitters are a simple way to add temperature measurement to a PLC.

ROI-100RXMAN200500C $210.00 (excluding tax & shipping)
100 Ohm PT100 RTD -200 to 500 Deg C 4-20mA loop powered transmitter ROI-XMA

ROI-1000RXMAN200500C $210.00 (excluding tax & shipping)
1K Ohm PT1000 RTD -200 to 500 Deg C 4-20mA loop powered transmitter ROI-XMA
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